Why Choose Little Bunya’s

think, create & innovate

At Little Bunya’s Early Education Centre of Excellence we pride ourselves on our quality educators and individualised curriculum. Each educator and teacher within our organisation has been chosen based on their qualifications and their desire to work with children.

We incorporate aspects of the Emergent Curriculum style of teaching into our programming. Emergent Curriculum sees the children as capable learners who are encouraged to guide their own learning with the support of the educators. This style of teaching presents the children with the gift of discovering the world around us by encouraging them to explore life through their own interests and passions. It is mainly ‘child lead’ or ‘child based’ learning as opposed to the more traditional ‘teacher directed’ learning. All children in our care will be involved in learning that is engaging and builds success for life; we encourage our Little Bunya’s children to THINK, CREATE AND INNOVATE.